Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have relevant experience. Can I apply for a job in Goldair Handling?

  • Yes, the company offers theoretical and practical trainings, trainings on the job and familiarization, which help the smooth integration of the newcomers.

I want to work for Goldair Handling. How do I find what vacancies are available?

  • You can see the vacancies here.

I am interested in working at a job outstations. How can I apply?

  • You can see the vacancies on here by choosing the station you are interested in.

I have submitted my cv through the online platform. Could I confirm it has been delivered?

  • Yes, after submitting your cv you will receive an automatic reply to your email address.

I would like to carry out an internship. Which is the procedure?

  • We collaborate with various Greek educational institutions and we keep them updated about the internships vacancies. If you are interested, you should address to your institution first.

I was interviewed. What should I expect next?

  • After completing an interview, the HR department will notify you either way.

I was not hired. Will I be considered for other jobs in the future?

  • We would be glad to consider your application again.