A strategic alliance between AeroGround and Goldair Handling


A strategic alliance agreement is signed between the German ground handling company AeroGround and the Goldair Handling.
The agreement covers a close cooperation in the field of marketing and sales at the airports that both ground handlers operate currently. The alliance has been created to provide the airlines a multi-station and network alternative besides the global players. Each alliance member brings its own values and long-time local and regional expertise, to support strong and individual customer relations of each partner.

Apart from the area of marketing and sales cooperation in the next steps the alliance will cover the also following sectors: information technology (IT), joint procurement of equipment, training and establishment of common operating procedures. The targets are to develop synergies through standardization and harmonization. Cooperation and coordination is ensured by working groups and permanent bi-lateral communication.
Starting with AeroGround in Germany and Goldair Handling in Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus, the concept of the alliance is to be open for other local and regional ground handling companies to create a European Ground Handling network.

AeroGround is 100% subsidiary of Flughafen Munchen GmbH, the airport authority of Munich airport, the second largest airport in Germany and hub airport of Deutsche Lufthansa and its Star Alliance partners. Together with its sister companies aerogate and Cargogate, in 2012 AeroGround served more than 130,000 flights, 15 million passengers and 100,000 tons of cargo. The three handling companies in total employ 2,800 experienced professionals at Munich airport.

Statements from both parts:
The Executive Vice President of Goldair Handling, Mr. Kallinikos Kallinikos stated: "We are certain that this alliance will offer to the airlines (schedule, charter, cargo and executive aviation) comparative advantages in the field of service quality and competitive pricing. We firmly believe that the alliance will soon welcome new members broadening the above advantages to more airports".

The CEO of AeroGround, Mr. Pasler Siegfried stated: "We feel confident that our alliance with Goldair Handling contributes the increasing demand of our customers towards network and multi-station marketing & sales initiatives on the one side, but also reflects the airlines requirements for local experts, which are familiar with the specific circumstances and infrastructure at each airport on the other hand".